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To enhance the reputation of the doctor and to provide credit hours and remind the most important medical events and provide explanations for the human body and improve the quality of health knowledge of doctors and many valuable services

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BookDr. Benefits to doctors


Why joining BookDr?

Improve Doctor's reputation

Through the establishment of a profile of him including his information and expertise and careful specialization

Raise the quality of health knowledge

For doctors to provide medical and medical references through accredited international organizations.


Increase in the number of bookings by up to


The cost is as low as


Intelligent organization up to

Many features... Easily and quickly !

Provide 3D Anatomy

The human body with 3D technology to help the doctor to clarify the details of the disease of the patient

Certified training hours

For registered physicians registered in the service of BookDr


Booking management


Organize bookings and receive alerts in real time if an appointment is modified.

Patient Reviews


Build and enhance the reputation of your facility and associated doctors.

Tracking the patient


Know the patient’s arrival time automatically in order to save time and prepare all requirements prior to the arrival of the patient.

Offers/ promotions


Expand the base of visitors by promoting products and services provided by the health facility.

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How you appear for patients


Search listing

Patients can look you up on BookDr. Mobile App and Website


24/7 Online Booking

Patients can check your time and availibility and book you anytime, anywhere.


Professional Photos

Dedicated section to display your professional photo.


BookDr. Profile

Your BookDr profile is customized with the major fields that fulfill your profile appearance.


Patient Reviews

Build and enhance the reputation of your facility and associated doctors.


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