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Your health between your hands

BookDr. facilitates the management of the services of search and booking electronically 24/7 and manage the health of the family and the addition of all important tests and medicines used, transport service to and from the health facility and remind the patient's appointment with the doctor, and provide a service interactive 3D visual that review the general information on diseases and viruses and methods Treat them, and you can also evaluate your experience with your doctor and see other people's assessments.

Family health management


Create a medical file for you and your family and add all important tests and medications

Searching and book 24/7


Book, modify and cancel the appointment electronically around the clock



The possibility of evaluating the health facility and the physician and the knowledge of the opinion of others

Important Check-ups


View the most important tests and periodic analyzes required

Application BookDr.

You can search through Facebook for the nearest health facility by the name of the facility or the doctor's name, or medical specialization electronically 24/7

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You can book appointments electronically with ease and security

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